Matters of State

Conscience in Action – the experience of conscientious objection in Australia.

Conscience in Action is an AACE publication that outlines the ways  in which Australian brothers, sisters and young people, and their families, demonstrated an active conscientious objection to military service and related activities during the twentieth century. The publication consists of a book of approximately 230 pages and an audio CD that contains oral accounts of experiences.

For more detailed information and how to order a copy, please click here  Conscience in Action 

Jury Service in Australia

In 1981, the Australian Christadelphian Committee requested Bro Kevin Dawes to prepare a booklet outlining our reasons for seeking exemption from Jury Service. This booklet can be read on this link – Jury Service by Kevin Dawes 1981 (PDF 67Kb).

In 2014 the AACE also produced a document on jury duty and the believer’s personal conscience as a citizen of God’s Kingdom. This document can be read on this link – Jury duty article.

To obtain information on the current provisions for exemption from jury service in your State, please check the document at this link – Jury Duty 2020

The AACE welcomes any new information on jury service. Send it to

Politics and Voting

The Christadelphian community has from its origins held the view that participation in politics and military service should be avoided. This short paper gives an explanation of the Scriptural reasons for our position. Click on this link –  Participation in Civil Political Elections  (pdf, 129kb)

To view original 1873 Christadelphian document referred to in the above link, click here – R.Roberts, Political Elections 1873  (pdf 1.9Mb).

Marriage Celebrants

Information about marriage regulations and marriage ceremonies and the role of Christadelphian celebrants can be accessed in the following documents: Marriage Celebrant Guidelines  and Marriage Celebant Guidelines Appendix