Contacting the AACE by Email

Chairman: Steven Harrington (

Secretary: Peter Collins (, for correspondence)

Treasurer: Neville Rice (, for donations)

Admin Support: Sam Dando (, for updating contact details)

Marriage Celebrant Nominating Authority: Simon Gould (, for advice for celebrants). For general enquiries use

Are your ecclesial contact details up-to-date?

Please notify us of any change of Recorder/Secretary, membership totals, landline and mobile numbers, personal and ecclesial postal addresses, and ecclesial and personal email addresses. Please include the number of members of the ecclesia.

For all changes to ecclesial contact details (except diversion email address), click here and complete this form. It will automatically divert to Admin Support.

If you decide to change the diversion address for your, and are unsure how to do so, please send an email to You will then receive instructions in order to make this change.

If there is a change of location or website address, please send details to

You will receive a confirmation email of the changes from AACE Admin Support.

Complete list of Australian Ecclesias

Ecclesial contact details may be accessed here: Ecclesias in Australia

All ecclesias listed meet on the Australian Unity Basis (as in Christadelphian Unity in Australia pp.13-15).

Other Organisations in Australia

Please note that the sites below have their own privacy provisions.

The AACE Committee does not take responsibility for content on associated web sites.

Pastoral Care advice – God-centred caring for everyone. Go to this link for information:

South Australian support service:

The Victorian Christadelphian Support Network can be contacted through their Facebook page.

Biennial Conference to be held in Newcastle in 2024 (DV)

Go to the site below for information regarding the Australian Conference to be held on 6-13 July 2024 in Newcastle.

Biennial Youth Conference to be held in Melbourne in 2025 (DV)

Go to the site below for information regarding the Australian Youth Conference to be held in 2025 in Melbourne.